Meet Dr. Jeannie

Workplace Counseling

What’s Unique About Me

I bring the principles of coaching, sports psychology, clinical psychology, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), positive psychology, spiritual and mindfulness-based psychology to help you achieve whatever you desire in both your professional and personal lives.

My clients have included schools, universities, military families, medical centers and organizations.

I offer a safe, confidential and non-judgmental place for self-reflection and personal development, on-site in the workplace or off-site in private practice. My services are professional, engaging and exclusive to the individual. I invite you to come think and talk about whatever is on your mind and enjoy hearing the voice of your own guiding wisdom.

People report increased insight, more confidence and positive results in the quality of both their professional and personal relationships.

“I make a profound difference in the way people interact and work.”

My Perspective

I believe that we all have a deep-rooted desire to love and be loved. When we love and are loved, we feel calmer, more confident, more creative, more engaged in life and happier. Despite the true benefits of love, most of us are left feeling hungry for it; some of us are downright starving. We often have a sense that something’s holding us back from living and loving fully. Sometimes an overload of responsibilities and expectations distract us from fully expressing or fully receiving the love we desire. It gets to the point sometimes where we may even wonder whether we could be happy again with our partner, our children or even with ourselves.

If you want to live and love to your full potential, overcome what’s holding you back, learn new ways of being and master relationships (in other words be happier) I’ll get you there.

Even in the presence of depression, anxiety, break-up or other obstacles, I teach people to live a happier life.